Dyson tree

Dyson tree

The Dyson tree is the main tree of the game, the player needs 10 seedlings in order to plant a dyson tree. Once it is planted, the seeds used to plant it will sink to the planet's core.


The Dyson tree grows other seedlings and will not produce anymore seedlings after there are 40 seedlings on an Asteroid. The older it grows, the harder it is for enemies to overcome a Dyson Tree. When you zoom in,  it looks like the picture on the right (though size may vary due to its age), however when zoomed out, it is a light blue, thick stick with a seedling inside of it.

Function when flower plantedEdit

The Dyson tree will produce Enchanced seedlings that is in higher stats and will help you to defend your base better.


  • The Dyson tree is the first tree to be found.

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