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Eufloria is a game where you plant and fight against the enemies! Bust your way through 3 different modes, 58 levels of enjoyment, defeat enemies that are trying to colonize your asteroids, and get the help of a wise Mother Tree!

  • A lot of cool things to do!Go to Flower
  • Learn about two different trees!Go to Dyson tree
  • Many different achievements to earn!Go to Achivements
  • 25 fun levels of Story Mode!Go to Takeoff
  • Many ways to play!Go to Skirmish arenas
  • Get seedlings!Go to Seedling
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Eufloria is a game where you plant trees and fight your enemies, yellow, black and much more! Eufloria Wikia is a

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  • The bureaucrats who have Eufloria are A plant and Luvtanny.
    • They will be giving information to the game.
      • But don't disobey them or they will block you for 1 month.
      • If you are a admin, do not block them or we will demote you.

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