Here are the rules of the wiki, if you break 3 rules, you will be blocked for 1 month, if you remove your warning, you will be blocked 1 month 5 days.

Main rules

  • No spamming.
  • No editing other things of the Eufloria wiki.
  • No deleting pages.
  • No duplicating pages.
  • No duplicating sentences.
  • No duplicating pictures.

Rollback rules

  • Follow the main rules.
  • No reverting good edits.
  • No reverting bad edits if they were deleted.

Admin rules

  • Follow the main rules.
  • No adding unfair rules such as "No editing on articles".
  • No blocking without a reason.
  • No protecting pages if not important.

Burecrat rules

  • Follow the main rules.
  • No promoting users without a 3 day vote.
  • No demoting users if don't have a reason.

Promoting rules

See Promoting rules.

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